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Ledûb shirts are available in different fits and sleeve lengths. Not sure which fit is best for you? Take a look at the explanation below or order a free Ledûb tape measure.


Slim fit

Our slim fit shirts have an extra slim cut and so each shirt will fit perfectly on your body. The shirt has two darts on the back which gives the shirt an extra slim waist width. Also the sleeves have a slim cut.

Stijlgids slim fit

Modern fit - new

Ledûb has adjusted the Modern fit to a body size per collar size.
You can recognize this fit by the 'new' designation, both in the shirt itself and as an indication on the website.
The Modern fit shirts have a slightly tailored fit. Perfect for every man!

Stijlgids modern fit

Regular fit

Our regular fit shirts have a loose fit.

Stijlgids regular fit

Tailored fit

Since the autumn of 2020, the Tailored Fit has disappeared from the Ledûb range. Read more about this change here!

Mens shirts online

Did you manage to find your right collar size and fit? Shop your new shirt per fit here:

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