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Origin of Ledûb

In 1963, Van Winkel's Konfectiebedrijven took the big step. The shirt brand Ledûb was proudly presented. How simple but inventive, that brand name. A mirror word of Budel, the birthplace of the brand. It is not clear who came up with the brand name; founder Sjef, an old classmate of his and an accountant had something to do with it. Sjef's son, Gerard van Winkel, is the only real inventor of the important accent on the û. This little deatil made the logo and brand name more meaningful.

Second generation takes over

Gerard van Winkel (son of founder Sjef) left the army in 1963. He hoped his father would give him a month's vacation before working at the shirt factory. But after two days of vacation, the chief of the cutting room became ill and Gerard had to replace him quickly.

Training period son of founder

Gerard went for it! Within a year and half he had worked in all facets of the company and from that moment on his father's company also became his great passion! His first major challenge was to set up a second production unit in St-Huibrecht-Lille (Belgium). After two and a half years this mission was completed successful and Gerard came back to Budel to set up the sales company. His second big challenge that became a success.

Course for son of directors

In 1968 Gerard saw an advertisement in the 'Financial Times'. It was a course for sons of directors who would alter succeed their father. For the astronomically high amount of 10.000 guilders, you were prepared in two years for your future role as director. Father Sjef agreed and that was the best decision ever made.

New management

After a number of years, both men realized that a ship sails best with one captain. The production-oriented origin was converted to a market demand-oriented approach. The sales company became a fact. In 1970, the management of Van Winkel's Konfectiebedrijven was taken over by Gerard van Winkel.