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Colourful men's shirts by Ledûb!

Besides various fits and sleeve lengths, Ledûb also offers a wide range of colours. Bestsellers such as white and blue should not be missing here. But trend colours such as green, yellow and red are also included in the range. Take a look at all shirts in your favourite colour here!

White fabric

White shirts

White shirts remain a favourite; every man has at least one hanging in his closet. A white shirt is therefore always good, whether you go for a business look or a casual outfit for a day out. A white shirt is the perfect basic.

Ledûb offers a wide range of white shirts, choose a stylish finish with tone-on-tone buttons or be bolder with striking buttons and contrast in the collar. All white shirts come in high-quality fabric qualities such as non-iron, easy iron or comfortable stretch and jersey.

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Blue fabric

Blue shirts

Besides white, blue is one of the favourite colours in shirts. Ledûb has a wide range of blue shirts from plain to bold prints. Stylish looks call for a plain shirt in light or dark blue while casual days invite a fashionable print in shades of blue.

In the blue shirt range, you will find various fabric qualities to suit your needs. Opt for ease of ironing with an non-iron or easy iron shirt, or choose high-quality linen for summer days. Ledûb offers blue shirts for every occasion!

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Black fabric

Black shirts

Besides white and blue shirts, black shirts are a perfect basic that should not be missing in your closet. A black shirt is suitable for a formal, trendy or a timeless look. With a black shirt, you will always look stylish.

Ledûb has black shirts in various cuts, sleeve lengths and fabric qualities.
Make your choice and find your new favourite!

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Green fabric

Green shirts

Besides bestsellers in basic colours, Ledûb also offers shirts in fashionable trend colours. Green is a favourite in this.
From beautiful prints in shades of green and bright green shirts in spring to stylish army green shirts and dark prints for autumn.

In addition, a diversity of fabric qualities such as easy iron or comfortable stretch and jersey fabrics. With a high-quality fabric quality from Ledûb, you will always be a winner!

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Brown fabric

Brown shirts

Brown is the new black! Earth tones are therefore totally on trend and can be seen in stylish beige and sand shades in spring. For autumn you will find various Ledûb shirts in mysterious dark brown shades.

The diversity of natural shades makes Ledûb brown shirts easy to combine with any outfit in any season!

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Other colours

Besides the frequently chosen colours, Ledûb offers shirts in several other colours. Check out these colours via the links below:


Colorful shirts with prints

Besides a large range of shirts in solid colors, Ledûb is known for men's shirts with colorful prints. These can be found in the collection every season. These can be colorful mini designs but also large, vibrant prints with color can be found here.

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