The right cuff for every moment

Tips for a correct cuff

  • The cuff should fall on the kink of the wrist and hand.
  • If you wear a shirt in combination with a suit or jacket, the cuff of the shirt should always be 1 to 2 cm below the jacket.

View the measurement instructions and always ensure the correct sleeve length, fit and size.

Enkele manchet stitch

Opt for a single cuff

The single cuff is the most common and most used cuff. For the Ledûb cuffs, a high-quality lining is used, which guarantees great wearing comfort. You don't see it, but you will notice it!

Ledûb uses a double button on the single cuff. This allows you to adjust the width of the cuff to the thickness of your wrist. For example, you can adjust the width of the cuff if you are wearing a watch.

Dubbele manchet stitch

Opt for a double cuff

A shirt with double cuff, worn with beautiful cufflinks, gives an extra luxurious look to your outfit. A double cuff is twice as long as a single cuff and is folded in half and held together by cufflinks.