Long sleeves

All Ledûb designs underscribe the philosophy "Every shirt is a piece of art". Whether you are looking for a plain business shirt or want to respond to current trends with a print or denim shirt. We have put a lot of effort in it so go out and show it! Whatever style you choose; a good shirt should not be missing in your wardrobe!

The most important thing about a shirt is that it is pleasant and comfortable to wear. The correct sleeve length plays a major role in this. Ledûb offers different sleeve lengths, including the long sleeve shirts.

Long sleeve shirts, sleeve length 5

The Ledûb long sleeve shirts have a standard sleeve length 5; van 66 tot 68 cm. this sleeve length is most common. The cuff can fall on the bend of the wrist and hand, this way you know that you have the correct sleeve length.

Long sleeve shirts in different fits.

Ledûb offers a wide range of fits. The motto is ‘the right fit for every man'. This certainly also applies to long-sleeved shirts.

Long sleeve shirt for business wear

If you like to got to work in a shirt, choose a long sleeve shirt for business wearing moments. The long sleeve shirts in white and blue are always suitable for this. But in the current fashion image you also see more and more business shirts with a print, do you dare?

Long sleeve shirts in non-iron quality

Ledûb offers beautiful shirts in various fabric qualities and colors. Also choose the popular non-iron Ledûb fabric quality in long sleeves. Experience the convenience of non-iron and look god any time of the day!

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