Discover your style

Ledûb is happy to help you find your style.

The design team has developed a number of style types for you to be inspired by. Are you a style-resistant type or do you like to vary by going for a different look every time? Below you will find your style or a combination of various styles.
If you are unsure which style type you are, take a look in your wardrobe to see which clothes you wear a lot and find out which style type this clothing belongs to.

We can advise you which men's shirt or polo shirt is best for this. Or how you can easily change your look by replacing a jacket with, for example, an overshirt or a shirt for a polo shirt for a more casual look.

View the 6 style types below: Trend, Casual, Smart casual, Business, Tuxedo or Wedding

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Ledûb's 6 style types:

Style type Trend

You like to dress in the latest fashion and are aware of the latest trends. Discover which trend for men's shirts and polo shirts perfectly match this style type. Finish off your outfit with a nice scarf or tie. Check out the Trend style type.

Style Type Casual

If you like to dress sporty but stylishly, then the style type casual suits you. Discover the men's casual shirts and polo shirts that match this style, from plain men's shirts to casual checks. Combine these with a pair of sporty sneakers and you're ready to go! Check out the Casual style type.

Style type Smart Casual

You like to dress stylishly but also like comfort, then the Smart casual style type suits you perfectly. Style your outfit with a comfortable men's shirt or polo shirt with a pair of hip socks as a finishing touch. Check out the Smart casual style!

Style type Business

Do you like to wear business clothes every day or for a specific wearing moment? Then the Business style type suits you. A stylish blue or flawless white men's shirt should certainly not be missing in your wardrobe. Style your look with a beautiful tie and matching shoes for the perfect business look. Check out the Business Style Type.

Style type Tuxedo

You like to be stylishly and festively dressed for special occasions and you certainly do not shy away from a black tie outfit. If this style appeals to you, then the Tuxedo style is right for you. Style your outfit with an impeccable white men's shirt with or without pleats and a black or a fashionable colored butterfly collar as a finishing touch. Check out the Tuxedo style type.

Style type Wedding

You are going to get married, a special moment in your life! For this special day you want to look stylish and radiant. A suit, complemented by a nice shirt, is of course a must. Mix and match with your partner for a complete look. Take a look at the Wedding style type.

Have you found out which style type suits you? Or are you a mix of various style types? Ledûb always has a nice quality men's shirt or polo shirt for you! We offer different fits, sleeve lengths and a choice of different collars.

Are you curious about the different fits, sleeve lengths and Ledûb's range of different types of collars?

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