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Tailored Fit

Since the autumn of 2020, Ledûb has adjusted the fits. The Tailored Fit has since disappeared. In its place, the Modern Fit - New has returned. This new Modern Fit has been given a body size per collar size, so that it's easier to find your ideal size!

Below you see the size chart of the Tailored Fit and below that the size chart of the new Modern Fit.
You can easily compare which size in the new fit matches the Tailored Fit you were used to wearing.

Tailored Fit size chart (is no longer conducted)

Modern Fit - New size chart (is being conducted since autumn 2020)

You can recognize the new fit by the 'new' designation. In the shirt itself this is indicated as MF N. On the website this is indicated with the fit as the Modern Fit - New.

The Modern Fit shirts have a normal to slightly tailored fit. Perfect for every man!

Featues of the Ledûb Modern Fit - New:

  • slightly tailored fit
  • perfect for an average build
  • body size per collar size (adjusted since autumn 2020)

Would you like more information about the fits? View the explanation here or order a free measuring tape to determine your correct size