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Dressed sporty but stylish is your favorite choice of clothing. Casual stands for relaxed and informal, a casual style of clothing. You like to wear jeans with a casual men's shirt, polo shirt, sweater or sweater. You can combine endlessly with the casual style trend. Wear a casual men's shirt under your sweater or combine a polo shirt with an overshirt on your favorite pair of jeans. Mix and match are keywords for this trend.

The Ledûb overshirt is the perfect piece of clothing for this style. A fashion item that is becoming a classic. Within a casual style, prints, checks and stripes are indispensable! You wear these men's shirts and polo shirts with the top button open. You have the choice of wearing it over your pants or casually tucking the front of your shirt into your pants so your belt is visible. Style your look with a pair of trendy sneakers and you are ready to go!

Special casual shirts

A classic that is back in fashion again is the jersey polo shirt in various variants. At Ledûb you will find polo shirts in several fits and sleeve lengths. The new classic, the overshirt, and the classic polo shirt, which is back on trend, fit seamlessly into your casual style choice. Or opt for a striking block check for under your overshirt.

Knitted jersey polo shirts

In addition to the casual print men's shirts, a classic is completely back in fashion, the jersey polo shirt! The advantages of jersey polo shirts: they are non-iron, permeable to moisture, feel soft on the skin, fit nicely on the body and guarantee optimum wearing comfort due to the stretchability of the fabric. Available in various colours, fits and sleeve lengths. In addition to the polo shirt, Ledûb also has an extensive range of tricot men's shirts.

Did you know that the jersey polo shirts and shirts owe the optimal wearing comfort to the fact that the fabric is woven instead of knitted?

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