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The Festive Season

For the upcoming season of dinner parties and family gatherings, we have put together a selection of new arrivals for the holidays. The dress code can be formal or informal. If you opt for formal, then the suit or tuxedo is the ultimate choice for the holidays: chic, stylish and utterly glamorous.

Do you find a suit just a little 'too much'? Then pants or chinos with a stylish plain or festive printed shirt will do the trick. And don't forget to add your bow tie or pocket square to your look!

Festive season
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Celebrate in style

Dress stylishly in a tuxedo suit, also called tuxedo. A beautiful tuxedo shirt should not be missing then. Ledûb offers different variants in tuxedo shirts.

Classic yet timeless is the variant with butterfly collar, pleated front, concealed button fastening and double cuff. This, combined with a bow tie and beautiful cufflinks, makes for a Black Tie moment entirely in style! More contemporary variants can also be found at Ledûb. If you prefer no bow tie and pleated closure, that's possible too! Choose what suits your style best.


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Stylish prints

Beautiful prints and unusual color combinations can be stylishly paired with nice jeans or chinos for a festive outfit that is perfect for you! Create the ultimate party look in a print shirt to match your style!


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Festive Comfort:
Double Comfort

For a comfortable (Christmas) dinner, choose a Ledûb Double Comfort shirt. The iron-free front gives you a stylish look, while the tricot back ensures that you don't have to compromise on wearing comfort.

This ultimate fabric combination makes this shirt suitable for every occasion.

More about Double comfort
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Cuff variations

The collar is the first thing you see on a shirt, making it an important eye-catcher. At Ledûb, we pay a lot of attention to designing and producing the perfect collar.

Read more information about the different cuffs we offer and which style suits you best.

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