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Traditionally, a tuxedo shirt has a butterfly collar; a stand-up collar with tips folded over and a pleated front. In more modern versions, the pleated front is omitted and you can also choose a semi spread collar instead of the traditional butterfly collar.

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Since with a tuxedo you don't wear a tie but a bow tie, it is important that the buttons are not visible. After all, you can't hide them with the tie. All Ledûb tuxedo shirts therefore feature a blind closure; the buttons are not visible.


In addition, all Ledûb tuxedo shirts feature a double cuff. Traditionally, these must have cufflinks with an inlay of mother of pearl or black onyx. You therefore always buy a Ledûb tuxedo shirt with a set of black cufflinks. But don't hesitate to style your outfit with your own stylish cufflinks!

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When it comes to a tuxedo look, "less is more". After all, your tuxedo will do the work for you! A Ledûb shirt is therefore stylishly clean with subtle details. Complete your look with a black bow tie and patent leather shoes and you are ready to party!