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Green Friday

Green Friday stands for Fair Fashion; In other words, knowing where the clothing you buy comes from, how it was made, who made it, but also whether they received fair compensation for it.

All organic cotton fabrics in the Ledûb collection have the GOTS quality mark. Fabrics with the GOTS quality mark adhere to very strict guidelines regarding the genetic modification of cotton seeds, heavy waste materials and sustainable water and energy consumption. This makes both the raw materials and the production process sustainable and ecologically responsible. Farmers who work according to the GOTS guidelines increase biodiversity. This protects the dying bee population.

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A good investment

Organic cotton has stronger and longer fibers. This means that a shirt made with organic cotton will remain beautiful for a longer period of time. By buying organic cotton you save money in the long term and contribute to a responsible textile industry.

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Green friday


We are proud of our fair and own production in the factory in North Macedonia. For this we follow the Amfori-BSCI procedure, an international quality mark for fair production. We thus exclude child labor, long working hours, low wages and unsafe working conditions.

Watch the video of the production process in our Macedonian factory.

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