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The Ledûb overshirt


The overshirt is one of the most versatile garments for men. It’s the perfect mix of a jacket and a shirt and it gives your outfit a more layered look.

Originally coming from the army, the overshirt was, during the 80's and 90's, worn as streetwear. No surprise that this fashion item makes a comeback on a regular base. The overshirt can be combined endlessly. Ideal to complete your wardrobe!

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For a casual outfit, choose a nice basic model, made of sturdy cotton that is easy to combine. The cotton fabric keeps you nice and warm, but breathes sufficiently during warmer days. This makes the cotton overshirt suitable for every season!

You can choose a rib fabric, wool or denim, everything is possible! The wool overshirt is the most warm and functional variant, wearable during winter times for extra warmth. In the summer, opt for a linen fabric. In addition to being fashionable, this fabric is also ideal for higher summer temperatures. If you go for a denim overshirt, you actually opt for the modern, stylish variant of the denim jacket.

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Wear the overshirt over a sweater or turtleneck. But you can also create the perfect look in combination with a shirt or polo. Complete the outfit with a jeans, chino or nice pair of trousers and style your outfit with a cool boot or sneaker. Are you going for comfort ánd style? Then choose one of the new jersey or stretch polo shirts from Ledûb. See the full range here.

For a stylish combination, choose an overshirt in a calm color, without too many striking details. Wear a comfortable, supple jersey polo shirt underneath it and complete your look with a neat chino pants or trousers and nice sneakers or smart shoes.