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Discover the comfort of non-iron shirts!

The non-iron shirts from Ledûb are easy to maintain and look great. The shirts are made of 100% natural cotton fibers, which makes them extra comfortable at any time of the day. The selected fabrics are soft and light to wear. Ledûb non-iron shirts remain beautiful and full of color for a long time. We have taken care of that, especially for you!

Do not put your shirt in the dryer, but hang it directly on a hanger after washing. Smooth seams, collar, cuffs and button placket by hand and your shirt is ready!

Below you will find a selection of our range of non-iron shirts.

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How do I wash a non iron shirt?

To enjoy your Ledûb non iron shirt for as long as possible we recommend the following:

  1. Always wash white, colored and dark shirts separately using the correct detergent.
  2. Always wash the shirt inside out to avoid unnecessary wear.
  3. Pay attention tot he wash instructions on the label and never wash on a temperature higher then 40 degrees.
  4. Put a maximum of six shirts per wash in the washing machine.
  5. Choose a special shirt wash program. If that choice is not available, spin at a maximum speed of 800 rpm.
  6. Do not put the shirt in a dryer, but hang it on a hanger immediately after washing. Smooth seams, hem, cuffs and button placket by hand. Any creases will disappear when worn because of body heat.