Guus Meeuwis

Naturally the top quality of Ledûb shirts is also noticed by stylists! We are regularly approached if we want to dress Dutch celebrities. In collaboration with the well-known stylist Manon Meijers, we have been dressing Guus Meeuwis and his band for years. Also last year during the concert ‘Groots met een zacht G’ in the Philips Arena in Eindhoven.

Working with Manon and Guus is always interesting and enjoyable. Both Guus and Manon meet important criteria that fit Ledûb: a great passion for what they do, they stand for absolute top quality and despite all success, they retain their authenticity.

Guus meeuwis

Meet Guus Meeuwis

Last year we were invited to watch a performance in the ‘Theater aan de Parade’ in Den Bosch. Extra special this time because we got to meet Guus before the show.Ontmoeting met Guus Meeuwis.

To surprise Guus, we brought him a perfect white shirt so that he could enter the stage neatly dressed. A nice chat confirmed he really suits Ledûb! He is very pleased with the non-iron fabric quality and the perfect fit. The fabric is useful not only because it needs less ironing, but also because it is breathable which is very nice under the warm lamps on stage. He also mentioned that the name Ledûb is the reverse of Budel; the place where Ledûb was fouded. That’s right, Guus! We are happy to hear you are informed so well about our brand.

After this pleasant meeting we got to meet his brother, Mark Meeuwis. He alsow knows the Ledûb brand well. He proudly told us that he even wore a Ledûb shirt at his wedding! We enjoy hearing stories from people with such fond memories of Ledûb! After these special encounters we got to enjoy a beautiful performance.

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