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The polo as a timeless classic!


In the 1920s, French tennis champion René Lacoste was looking for a good alternative to the long-sleeved shirt. The new item had to be elegant, but at the same time sportive and offer enough freedom of movement.

That was the beginning of this timeless classic, stylish because of the polo collar and characteristic because of the short button closure. It has been an indispensable part of fashion for more than 100 years.

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Choose comfort

Comfort is the key word for polo shirts, as they were originally designed for sports.

Ledûb has polo shirts in multiple fits and sleeve lengths, designed in cotton piqué and tricot fabrics. The cotton piqué has a slightly structured fabric which ensures a rich appearance.

Cotton piqués and tricots have a natural softness which makes them very comfortable to wear. All this, combined with the ease of maintenance, makes a polo a favorite piece of clothing for men. You wash your polo shirt in the washing machine and you can wear it immediately after drying!

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How to fit

Men's polo shirts are more in fashion than ever. They are offered in many colours, materials and fits. When trying on a polo shirt, pay attention to the points below to ensure that your polo fits perfectly:

  • If you want to wear the polo shirt over the pants, than it's appropriate that the bottom of the shirt reaches halfway up the zipper of your pants
  • Close the top button of the shirt and make sure that there is no more room than one finger between your neck and the button
  • With a short sleeve polo shirt; leave your arms loosely next to your body and check that the sleeve length is halfway up your chest
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How to wear

Polo shirts are easy to combine and suitable for any occasion.

What is special about the Ledûb polo is the fact that, by applying the perfect collar model, you can experience the comfort of the polo with the appearance of a shirt. The Ledûb polo ensures a stylish look at all times.