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Find the right collar size!

Finding the right size can be difficult sometimes. Especially in a fashion world where different size indications are used. In menswear you have to deal with dress sizes, collar sizes and international sizes. This article provides more clarity and insight into the similarities between these different size indications so you can quickly and easily find the right size.

Collar sizes

Collar sizes

Collar sizes are widely used to indicate sizes in shirts. Unlike other shirt brands, Ledûb shirts have their own body size for each collar size. This sizing was introduced in the fall of 2020 to offer a perfect fitting shirt for every collar size.

Want to know what collar size you have in your current shirt? Open the shirt and lay the collar flat. Now measure from the center of the button to the center of the buttonhole. This number of centimeters is your collar size.

To know what collar size fits your body, watch the video below with measurement instructions to measure yourself.

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International sizes

Because not everyone is familiar with collar sizes, the size of a Ledûb shirt is always indicated with an international size. On the size label you will find both the collar size and the international size.

If you do know your international size, you can use the corresponding size chart to check which shirt size fits you best.

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Dress sizes

In addition to collar sizes and international sizes, men's fashion also uses ready-to-wear sizes. These sizes are often used for suits and blazers. To find out which shirt size best fits your dress size, check out the conversion table along here.